The joy of authentic coffee craftsmanship.


Pelican rouge ranges

We’ll help you create a complete drinks concept that’s right for your business, selected from across our varied and distinctive range of fresh beans and instant coffee, together with the ideal match of creamers, toppings and chocolate mixes.

1863 Blend

Based on 150-year old recipes and proven taste profiles across markets. A dark roasted 100% Arabica blend for those who enjoy the smoothness of a truly outstanding coffee. Notes of bittersweet dark chocolate complemented by a slight acidity make this blend ideal for the traditional espresso and small strong coffee drinks. Strength: 4

Barista Blend

A characterful blend of the finest Arabica and Robusta coffee with a full-bodied flavour. Dark roasted to enhance the infusion of caramel and almond notes, the Robusta adds spiciness to this blend. Strength: 4

Concerto Blend

A mellow bodied blend with a well balanced, smooth flavour. This blend of predominantly Robusta has a distinct taste, combining notes of spice with subtle bitterness to preserve the fragrant flavour that is typical of Robusta. Ideal for large 16oz milky drinks. Strength: 5

Doppio Blend

This Fairtrade blend is intensely roasted, promoting a rich and bold taste profile. Delicious caramel and chocolate aromas are followed by a syrup-like aftertaste. Strength: 4

Espresso 101 BLEND

This espresso blend is made from the best Arabica beans. Fragrant, sweet and balanced by a hint of spice. Expect a full-bodied coffee, rich and round with a clear acidity. You’ll also find citrus notes and a long-lasting creamy aftertaste.

Lungo 102 BLEND

A soft and subtle café crème made from the finest Arabica beans. The fragrant coffee blossom aroma comes out well in the sweet taste and, after a body of caramel, the fruity aftertaste finishes it off.

Single estate 103 BLEND

We’re proud to offer this, our top Pelican Rouge blend. A truly special coffee from one single estate, Caturra is grown on the best volcanic soil in Nicaragua. The coffee is hand-picked, washed and sun-dried in concrete courtyards, giving the bean its distinctly sweet taste. A floral-smelling coffee with intense aromas. Pure and clear with a smooth sensation. The aftertaste is sweet with a hint of almond.

Mexico Blend

This single origin Mexican coffee has a light character and a delicate body. In Mexico, coffee is grown in the Veracruz, Chiapas, Oaxaca and Puebla regions. The dark roast gives chocolatey sweetness and hints of dried fruit.

Colombia Blend

This 100% Arabica Colombian coffee is medium roasted for a mellow yet rich aftertaste. Fruity tones reminiscent of mango and herbs are complemented by bright acidity.

Espresso 201

A CO₂ neutral, Fairtrade and Organic certified coffee. A rich and tasty blend, dark roasted to bring out the sweet chocolate flavour of the Arabica beans. This blend has a pleasant acidity and gives a smooth mouthfeel. A little caramel with a hint of fruit.

Lungo 202

A CO₂ neutral, Fairtrade and Organic certified coffee. Strong, flavourful, fragrant and sweet. This 100% Arabica blend is dark roasted to maximize the flavour of the bean. An aroma of dark chocolate is complemented by a sweet fruity aftertaste.

Cocoa toutsweet

One of our favourites. A delicious and well balanced chocolate treat with a nice and sweet, malty aroma.

Cocoa Velvet

Made with Fairtrade-certified, medium-sweet cocoa beans, giving a well-balanced, rich and satisfying cup of cocoa.

Decaf freeze dried

A light-roast blend, delicate, with a mild body. Ideal served as café crème, any moment of the day.


A smooth, silky Fairtrade-certified coffee, medium roasted with a mild body and full, lingering taste. Recommended as café crème.


Choosing a better Coffee bean

Joy to go begins with carefully selecting the perfect green beans for each roast, through a rigorous sensory testing process.

Achieving the perfect roast

Craft and science converge in roasting the delicate green beans with just the right temperature, duration and airflow.


As your partner we’d love to share our knowledge and passion for coffee with your employees. We offer training courses at all levels from the essentials to barista qualifications. It’s a great way to develop your people with new skills, while raising the bar for coffeemaking across your business, one cup at a time.